4 Must Check Before Website Development


Are you considering requesting a website? If so, you may be looking everywhere for an agency. In this article, we've covered things you must check when selecting an agency. We've chosen the four most important things based on the development platforms and customer reviews.
It's not complicated. Just look to see if they meet these 4 requirements. There will be a lot less headache after the development request.

1. Smooth communication

Communication is the most critical thing in the process of creating a website. For clients, there is nothing more disappointing than unreachable agencies. Unanswered emails, unresponsive calls, and late replies are unacceptable.
There are many cases where a project is in progress without any problems, but it happens after finishing the development. The client will not be able to get any of the help they need, like a child who has lost their parents. Maintenance work, such as website content updates and design revisions, will be impossible. When contacting the development company, check the response time. You may experience problems with communication afterward with the development company that is slow to respond.
Webtamin is responsive to clients' calls quickly throughout all stages of development. Depending on the client's preference, they can reach us via email, text, or phone. Clients can communicate directly with a representative without complicated department transfers.

2. Transparent fee

Some companies charge unexpected additional costs. There is no mention of any additional costs during the project. When it comes time to pay for the service, they charge you unexplained costs. The contents include design revisions, function updates, content changes, etc., that you haven't heard beforehand.
The client can't help but think that the agency didn't notify them in advance, which is unreasonable. They can't erase the feeling of being scammed. Conflicts with the development company are inevitable unless you pay the cost. Ensure the price is specified in the proposal or contract provided by the development company. Please be suspicious of agencies where information about development costs is vague.
Webtamin transparently presents all costs of development. It will inform you in advance of the contract what services the client receives and how much it costs.

3. Accurate delivery

Another of the main factors that cause clients to complain is the delay in the development period. The client receives the results after the development completion date they initially heard about. There is no reason to be convinced that the delivery date has been delayed. Eventually, the client's business schedule will be disrupted by the late website.
If the delivery date is dramatically shorter than other companies, look carefully. At least it should explain why delivering results quickly. Webtamin is based on the principle of delivering the results on time. We provide the timeframe required for each schedule throughout the development process.
Webtamin is based on the principle of delivering the results on time. Throughout the development process, we deliver the timeframe required for each schedule in advance.

4. High usability

Usability is the level of satisfaction a visitor feels when using a website. A combination of fast loading speed, convenient page movement, and intuitive site structure creates good usability. From the user's point of view, websites that are not designed are bound to feel uncomfortable with each click.
A client rarely has technical knowledge of the website. They often evaluate the website as good or bad based solely on its appearance. The most important thing is the usability, not the website's appearance. When requesting website development, visit at least one of the agency's portfolio websites. Try moving several tabs and pressing the button to test it yourself.
webtamin site speed result
Webtamin is designing a website considering the user's experience from the beginning of the development stage. We are creating a website that maintains top-notch speed and provides a convenient user experience.

So far, we've learned four essential things to check when you're requesting a website.
  1. Smooth communication
  2. Transparent fee
  3. Accurate delivery
  4. High usability
Please review these things carefully when researching website agencies. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or requests about the website design.